II am the owner of the Brackendale Art Gallery. Angela painted my portrait in 2014, a beautiful small oil with a very good likeness, capturing character and spirit along with wonderful background detail. It was shown to acclaim at the local Foyer Gallery and now hangs in my home. I have seen several of Angela’s paintings since and I am always impressed by her skill, professionalism and dedication.

Thor Froslev

Learning from Angela was really inspirational and educational. She went above and beyond to teach us what she knows. She went into depth with her knowledge of painting and also her experience about the tools which opened several new possibilities for us toward art. For me I was really grateful to have Angela as my mentor for my educational growth.

Noordahan Mahajabin Asha

​I was very fortunate to take an oil painting workshop with Angela. She made everyone in the class feel comfortable and at ease right from the beginning. It was an incredible experience. Angela shared her vast expertise in such an open, helpful and giving way. She was concerned with each and everyone in the class and took time to help us individually progress on our paintings. This must have been a challenge with a group of painters working at different levels from beginners to full time art students. She is one of the most caring art teachers I have come across. I would definitely recommend any classes or workshops that Angela is teaching. Angela is a phenomenal artist and teacher, she is a breath of inspiring, motivating fresh air!

 Randi Lalonde, Saskatchewan

 I would highly recommend Angela as a teacher!​

Her teaching style is relaxed and personal, Her material was well organized and easy to follow. She really takes the time in her workshops to make sure that 

everyone understands the material. ​She spends individual time with each student and is great at adapting her teaching to suit the needs and skill of the student. Angela takes the extra time to make sure that each student gets as much as possible from her workshops. I would definitely take another workshop with Angela!

Kyle Cator